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prayer for baby
Praying for a sick baby
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UK Registered Charity - Registration #: 1049410

We are a Charity with a difference.
We take nothing out of what you give to cover Salaries, charity overheads, or any running costs.

My name is Evangelist Trevor Irwin, and I am the founder/Director of Philadelphia Mission. Philadelphia Mission was registered as a British charity with Charity Commissions in November 1995. Since its formation, we have been working with the extreme poor and outcast in rural and remote villages in Africa and India. Currently we are operating in Nigeria. We also work with Indian Gypsies in South India, although our main mission field is in remote and rural villages in Nigeria. [Philadelphia Mission has also made a donation to help the suffering people of Haiti].

"We do not focus on those we cannot help, but on those we can!"

We work to help the poor, no matter what tribe, colour, race, or religion. Truly God has given all of us a deep love and compassion for the extreme poor. It is this love and compassion that drives and motivates us to do what we can, often in difficult circumstances. We do something more than just feel sorry for, or just pray for, the poor.

All of us at Philadelphia Mission believe that every living soul has a right to clean water, education, shelter, food, and health care. Sadly, in a world where there is so much, so many never have the opportunity to have even the basic commodities of life. This is where Philadelphia Mission steps in.

We at Philadelphia Mission believe from our years of working with these people, that food handouts are only a temporary solution. Even though at times this is necessary, it is only a temporary solution, and does not address the causes and reasons why these precious people need help. In our experience, famine, drought, greed, corruption, and war are not the only reasons. Lack of tools, fertilizers, seeds, poor irrigation, skills, clean water, medical care, sanitation, and support from both Government and others, are just some of the things that lead to extreme poverty. Sometimes, tribal, religious, and cultural indifferences cause so much hardship. Whatever the reason, we are here to reach those who are caught up in the effects of extreme poverty. In the continent of Africa, the death rate of children aged between 0-5 years old is a staggering 2-3 million on average per year, and rising.

In the rural and isolated villages of Africa, many children suffer from chronic malnutrition, rickets, intestinal worms, diarrhea, river blindness, malaria, polio, and many other preventable diseases. In Tunga/Zuga and Ungwa/Fada Villages, the wells dry up during the long dry season. They have no choice but to drink from the river. Both adults and children suffer blindness and intestinal worms.

Worms kill many here, and children die in agony. They have no school, medical facilities, or help. Childrens' limbs are bowed and twisted, because they have a disease called rickets. They walk with terrible pain. Yet all these diseases can be prevented and most stopped. This is the reason why we are committed to reaching as many as we can with help. We have installed water pumps in some villages, so they can pump river water to the fields during dry season, but they still need clean drinking water. We also provided medical care, tools, seeds, and other aid. But there is so much more to do, and we need not only your prayers but donations, skills, and talent to do much more.

When I am on mission, I join with our resident full time mission partners, living in the villages with the people, and seeing their suffering first hand. When I return, I notice many children have died since the previous visit, and most from preventable and treatable sickness and disease. If you have ever witnessed a child die in your arms from starvation, or dehydration, you will know only too well the terrible pain that child experiences, and that that child's cry is something very different from any other. Many parents weep for their children.

Matthew 2:18 : "There a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are dead".

Today we are making a real difference. We do need you to help us do much more. Our small team is totally committed to providing help for all who are in dire need. We are in need of financial support to do so much more than we can do currently.

Philadelphia Mission staff do not get a salary, yet we always cover our own expenses, including travel. We are dedicated people who are empowering the poor to break out of poverty by providing tools, and practical help, as well as sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His great love for them. We help them improve their own lives.

We never take a single penny out of what people give.

Through years of experience and knowledge of the people, their customs and traditions, we have changed so many lives for the better. Children who could not afford to go to school, now can. We have purchased clothing, medicine, tools, and water pumps. [And our latest project will go much further and make an even greater impact on many more precious lives.]

We need partners to help us provide these vital services.

Please donate towards helping sick and poor children today. Help us to provide schools, clothes, clean water, medical care, and tools to help the villagers grow more food, and good quality food. We share the Christian message, but also believe that as Christians we must help the poor and not just preach. Please sow a donation now. Thank you, and may the Lord bless you as you do what you can to help these precious people.

Evangelist Trevor Irwin
Philadelphia Mission

village children
Precious children needing your help!
copyright by Trevor Irwin

Joy, of Ungwa Fada Village
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